Hot Chocolate Bomb - 2 Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bomb - 2 Bombs


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We've developed the best Hot Chocolate Bomb you can find! Choose from an assortment of offerings, all made with our high quality Fair Trade Certified Belgian chocolate and our homemade hot chocolate powder. All come with marshmallows nestled inside a 6cm chocolate sphere. Your choice of two flavors nestled in a cardboard tube, wrapped in red tissue paper and tied with ribbon. Super cute packaging that looks like a firecracker .. the pictures don’t do it justice! Artisan Flavors:Standard: Shell made with Dark, Milk, White or a Combination (half and half) Chocolate, filled with homemade hot chocolate powder, mini marshmallows and topped with pure chocolate sprinkles. During the holidays we may use non-chocolate colorful sprinkles.


Caramel: Standard 1/2 Milk & 1/2 White + Torani Caramel Syrup inside finished with a sprinkling of Callebaut Gold (caramelized) Chocolate on top.


Peppermint: Standard 1/2 Dark & 1/2 White + Crushed Peppermint Candy Canes inside and on top.


Confetti: Standard White Chocolate with Popping Candy (think "Pop Rocks") and colorful sprinkles inside and out.