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We ship all of our products within the continental United States, and do so using USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day service when possible.  Orders are typically shipped on Monday - Wednesday only, to ensure shipment is delivered before the weekend.  


Please note that our high quality chocolate does start to soften over 75 degrees and melt over 80 degrees.  Due to this, we will ship with insulated packaging and ice packs in warm weather months, so you may see a separate handling charge added to your order.  


Provided you have entered a valid email address, you will receive tracking information from our order system.  Please make sure to track your delivery and ensure you or the recipient will be home to receive the package upon delivery.  Chocolates don't like to be left on a hot, sunny porch or other warm areas!  


We cannot be responsible for chocolates that have melted due to extreme heat and/or failure to be home to receive the package.  In extreme case of heat, we may contact you and ask to hold your shipment until the weather cools off.  


Please contact us on the day of delivery if you have issues with melted chocolate.  We cannot entertain claims past the day of delivery.

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